Business Promotion has created the best website that I have seen in a long time for our dental office. I work primarily on patient contact so test driving a new and improved website was imperative for patient engagement.

Our previous two websites were clunky and hard to navigate, really boasting the early 2000s vibe of the internet. I was shocked when I saw the final proof of the new website designed by Business Promotion. It is GORGEOUS! They thought of everything.

I went into my review of the website with a critical eye, knowing exactly what I wanted to see and what I was expecting to find lacking in the site. To my surprise, they had surpassed my expectations. Every time I thought I had a critique, they had a solution. I put myself in the shoes of many patients and found that the site was easy to navigate, every button had a purpose, and the verbiage truly reflected the spirit of our office.

Moreover, the general feeling given by the design colors (that match our office logo) was wonderful. They went above and beyond for our office, really listening to our needs and working with us. They did not smush us into the same cookie-cutter website design as our previous company did, which gave our website a very sterile appearance.

The new website designed by BP is also perfectly optimized for phone usage which is becoming more common among our patients. - Madison K

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