Layne Hermansen- I'm a family physician who chose a dental website developer. Why?

Because I wanted to ramp up my business beyond what other marketers could do. I live in what is called "Silicon Slopes Utah" which is the tech area of the country that has ski slopes. I had my choice of numerous top web developers to choose from to build my website. DentalQore, in the heart of Silicon Slopes, is the #1 website developer for dentists wanting booking results.

I couldn't find a web developer for the medical field who could ramp up my family practice as well they could. Its not a one person job. They have teams for everything. Design?

You talk to one person, but they have team meetings where all designers in their company give their input as your site evolves. Content ? As a family physician I offer numerous services. They did an excellent job researching and wording the services to encourage a booking.

At all times they were responsive and intuitive with my requests. If you are a medical professional outside of the dental field needing a customized website beyond what other marketers can produce in customer leads, go with DentalQore. I worked with Jeremiah in sales, an affable personality.

I would definitely request him. Choosing DentalQore will be the best marketing decision you'll make.

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